Roasted with care by our shop owner Paul, our beans are prepared in small batches right here in our shop. Our goal is to draw out as many unique qualities as the beans will allow. There are several characteristics, typical and atypical, that go into profiling each batch. The climate of the farm; soil content; ph balance of that soil; time from harvest to drying; time from bagging/packaging to delivery; etc. These factors, along with several others, all play a unique part in what you end up with in the final product.

Paul has been roasting for nearly 4 years on his own. He gained some of his knowledge from other roasters he befriended over the years, but a vast majority was from trial and error, training materials, lots and lots of cups, and lots and lots of heart palpitations. He is continually educating himself, and exploring new information to be sure you get the best cup that Futures can produce. Along with roasting, Paul has spent 10+ years in the coffee industry, from large corporations to small, locally owned shops and everything in between.

We care about you and we care about our products. There will never be a time we peak. There will never be a time we stop learning and growing. The coffee industry is so unique and ever-changing, ever-growing. We will always be on the hunt for new information, while putting into practice our best efforts to provide an excellent end product.


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